About the strategy

Why we have a strategy

These are challenging but exciting times for the agricultural sector, as it works to tackle complex issues such as adapting to the effects of climate change and feeding a growing global population with dwindling resources.

The UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies, published in July 2013, was developed with these challenges firmly in mind. It sets out how Government, researchers and industry will build on the strength of all UK technologies sectors to facilitate the changes required to address some of the biggest problems facing us nationally and globally today.

The Strategy proposes a range of activities to deliver the vision that the UK becomes a world leader in agricultural technologies, innovation and sustainability. Key features include £70 million of Government investment in an Agri-Tech Catalyst aimed at improving the translation of research into practice, and a £90 million investment to establish a number of Centres for Agricultural Innovation to support advances in sustainable intensification.

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The Agri-Tech Strategy is one of the eleven industrial strategies, where Government works in partnership with industry to set out and deliver long-term plans to secure jobs and growth. More information on industrial strategy can be found on the GOV.UK website.


The strategy

You can download a PDF copy of the Strategy from the GOV.UK website


If you would like to provide feedback on the strategy, please email agritechstrategy@bis.gsi.gov.uk, or tweet us @AgriTechGov.