The Agri-Tech Strategy is one of the eleven industrial strategies, where Government works in partnership with industry to set out and deliver long-term plans to secure jobs and growth Blog

  • 'Lure and Kill' technology to manage beetle pests

    Our innovative Agri-tech Catalyst project, led by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO), is developing a “lure-and-kill” approach to manage agricultural pests. Currently blanket sprays of insecticide are used against the pea and bean weevil (Sitona lineatus) which attacks nitrogen fixing root nodules of field beans and peas and the bruchid beetle (Bruchus rufimanus) which severely reduces the saleable quality of field beans by burrowing holes in them.

  • Using technology to improve livestock health and welfare

    As I was brought up next door to a farm, I am always interested in new technologies and scientific advances of relevance to agriculture. As the UK's leading public funder of agri-food related research I am pleased that BBSRC has internationally renowned scientists in some of the world’s leading institutions to tackle problems in animal health. Solving these problems is vital not only for our economy but also globally. The world needs to produce 60% more food by 2050 and there are around 3.3 million people employed in the UK agri-food sector.