The Agri-Tech Strategy is one of the eleven industrial strategies, where Government works in partnership with industry to set out and deliver long-term plans to secure jobs and growth Blog

  • Sustainable Intensification of Food Production in the Horn of Africa

    By 2050 global agricultural output will need to increase by 60% on current levels to meet demand for food. Agricultural output on such a scale will put an increased strain on resources such as water. Lack of fresh water supply for agriculture is becoming an acute problem, brought to light by the current drought in California. Arid regions such as the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, and the Horn of Africa have long faced problems with water scarcity in agriculture.

  • Agri-Tech Strategy and Partners at Cereals 2015

    Agri-tech Strategy are blogging at Cereals 2015. Dina Patel from the Agri-tech Strategy is attending Cereals 2015 today (10th June) along with partner BBSRC, and the Agri-tech Organisation in UKTI. A few highlights of Cereals 2015 so far are shown below.
    Morning 10th June